Saturday, February 03, 2007


b and n have been quite busy in a variety of activities, but somehow still manage to excel. i do worry that they don't sleep enough or eat the balanced diet that i'd like them to, but then i guess i didn't take great care of myself in those ways in my teen years either.

b has qualified for the city championships in track, in the 60m and 200m. she was especially pleased to have won her 60m qualifying final. she continues in various extracurricular activities — tutoring, prefect duty, yearbook editor, track, and soccer — and still brought home a 91 average (tied for 3rd in her class). she recently made the semi-finals of a citywide scholarship competition in science; she just had an interview, having the chance to explain her project on the anthropic principle and sharing a bit about herself. next on the agenda: a university interview and preparations for a big trip to italy at the end of the month.

n continues to enjoy ballet and violin, and took off some time recently to join m and me for a trip to the pacific northwest. she also serves as a prefect. she enjoys cooking, and is expanding her repertoire (a fun treat for our whole family!). her average this term was 88 (a top 5 finish), under less than ideal conditions.

both girls are involved with the international student bible discussion on saturdays, and have a number of friends in the group. they have been a great help. they enjoy studying the bible with university students and rubbing shoulders with folks from all over the world.

in their spare time (yes, they actually do have some spare time, but it is… kind of spare), they have enjoyed an old school video game i got for christmas (thanks aunt l and uncle p) and the occasional episode of girlfriends (though we won't be seeing much of that now that the cable has been cancelled). i'm sure they can find something else to do — like sleep. :-)


Bora said...

The girls are beautiful! Hello and love from all your Berkeley fans.

gr8god said...

thanks for the kind words, bora. i think they're beautiful too, though i'll admit to being slightly less than objective. :-)

sharonhi said...


It's wonderful to read about your girls. I agree with Bora- they are beautiful! You are clearly proud of them. I am looking forward to seeing how God shapes and develops their lives.

Thanks for the link. I'd like to think I was that smart at one time. Now that I think about it I might have peaked about B's age. Or, Kate's? Kai? It's depressing to think about. Seriously, I would love to hear more about her project.