Thursday, February 08, 2007

blogs i follow

blogging is a phenomenon. as of december 2006, internet search engine technorati was indexing 55 million blogs. who's got time to read all of that? i don't think i knew even one person who had a blog before m's sister started one to share family news while they were still living in germany, maybe a year and a half ago.

of course, it's different when your friends are blogging. it's fun to see what they're up to (sometimes literally, if they're uploading photos), what they're reading, how they're doing. and through the miracle of rss and atom, you can even be notified automatically when one of your less prolific friends updates their site.

here are some links to blogs that i follow:

blogs of international friends:
  • sally (australia)
  • miriam (germany, though currently in mali)
  • brenda (singapore; not updated often)
friends from home:
if you've got a blog we don't know about, please let us know where to find it — we'd love to keep up with your goings on! and if you'd like to try it, you can start your own blog, suitable for photo uploads and your deep thoughts, in less than five minutes by clicking here.

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Bora said...

2 things have swept me up into the blogosphere: 1) rss feed readers--now I don't feel pressured by the idea that people are checking and rechecking my un-updated blog and 2) the advent of a desk job where I look forward to blog posts from my pals with the eagerness of a puppy awaiting a snausage.