Friday, November 10, 2006

speaking of Jesus

the mainstay of our ministry to international students is a weekly meeting where we enjoy a delicious lunch — provided by church volunteers — and a discussion on a passage of the bible. it's a place where people can receive food for their bodies and for their souls. currently, there are two of these meetings, one near mcgill, the other near concordia, with a total of 20-25 people meeting every week. it's a friendly environment for people from around the world and from a variety of spiritual perspectives to reflect on what place God might have in their lives.

about once a month, we have a wide-open question and answer time, where people can ask any question they have related to God, faith, other religions, ethics.
how do you know what you know about God?

is it really possible to have a relationhip with God? what is that like?

do you have to be a christian to do good things?

does God determine our fate?

why do christians believe that Jesus is the only way to heaven?
rather trying to answer everyone's questions ourselves, we organize people into small groups where they ask their questions and others in the group take a shot at answering them. we've had some lively discussions, as everyone has an opinion and as you might anticipate, not all of the opinions are compatible. hopefully, the process is a safe way for people to explore their questions and encourages them to think more deeply about what they believe and why, as well as to consider new possibilities.

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