Friday, December 16, 2005

the weather outside is frightful...

this morning, we had the biggest snow of the year, and of all of our time in montreal. the girls have been waiting for 16 months to be able to skip school because of snow, and we just figured that it never happens.

wrong. supposedly, we're getting 30cm of snow today, mostly before noon (it actually ended up being over 41cm, a record). i really had quite a task trying to dig out the car; i was thinking of going to the ymca later today, but the shoveling may be enough exercise all by itself. in one of those funny not-funny moments, i had almost finished digging around the van when a patrol of 3 small snowplows (the kind that usually do the sidewalk) came down the street and plowed me in again. i couldn't stop myself from crying out, "noooo!" but it was actually pretty humorous. it helped that i didn't really have to go anywhere.

check out the story here.


jeffysspot said...

that mekes some nice winter wallpaper

Anonymous said...

Guess what - this was the day Dave and I arrived in Montreal! We arrived by train from Toronto, and we were wondering in amazement why there were no taxis in sight and 20 people lining up waiting for one!

It's strange, but the day we arrived in New York was the first day they had snow this winter (4/12)... it stormed in Toronto for most of the days we were there, and the day we went to Niagara Falls there was so much snow and icicles hanging off the building and all the trees, AND there was so much mist, that there was hardly a person walking outside, and our tour guide said that he'd never in his career seen Niagara Falls look like that.

I wonder what that all means.

gr8god said...

it means if i didn't already like you, i'd be afraid whenever you came to town!