Friday, December 16, 2005

the joy of journaling

i have a new toy — an electronic journal, password protected and encrypted. that's a lot of security for... what exactly? well, i'm sure that i'll end up with some secret thoughts at some point, and it'll be nice that it's not so easy to crack. of course, if something sudden happens to me, no one will ever know about my hidden brilliance. so maybe i'll unprotect it at some point — or at least leave the password somewhere!

i can see a lot of use for something like this. for one thing, i write so much faster on a computer, and secondly, it's much more legible. it makes me sad to think about how much my handwriting has deteriorated, but that's another subject.

i hope that the journal will stretch me, not only in helping me to reflect on my life (which i need to do more), but also to dream, to pray, to get poetic. it'll also give me a chance to get some thoughts down about my wife and kids. i love them a great deal, and try to send e-cards and notes, but i don't really have a place where i've talked about just how precious they are to me. such things ought to be a bit more permanent.

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