Monday, December 12, 2005

let it snow!

this is our second winter in montreal, but it still feels very new to us -- both wonderful and exasperating. we get a fair amount of snow here because the air is humid (remember that montreal is an island in the middle of the saint lawrence river). some days, the snow falls gently, yielding only a light dusting. but we can get some really big storms here as well, and then it's a rapid dumping of snow that blankets everything. remarkably, the city usually continues to function somewhat normally. we were amazed the first time we saw the snow removal here. they also use an unbelievable amount of salt on the roads; it's a wonder that anything still grows here. driving in montreal is an adventure any time of the year, but in a snow storm, it's especially exciting. thank God for winter tires (a gift from a church friends)!

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