Sunday, December 18, 2005

piled higher and deeper

yes, this is our street. 41 cm of snow may not sound that deep (just over 16 inches), but once you start moving it out of peoples' driveways, off the walkways, and out of the centre of the street so people can drive, you get the mess you see here. those large piles of snow on the left are in the street; from street level, some of these piles are as tall as i am and as long as two car lengths! as you might imagine, parking and driving are difficult.

the snow removal was supposed to begin last night. but these piles were still here this morning when the photo was taken. it's been rescheduled for tonight, but i haven't seen any snow removal equipment yet. i think it will take over a week for the city to return to normal.

did i sign up for this? yes, i actually did. God knows what he's doing -- but i sure don't!

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