Tuesday, May 06, 2008


it's been a lousy year for me as a fan in the post-season.

first, stanford went down hard in the ncaa basketball tournament. i guess i shouldn't complain, since they went as far as their seeding predicted, but i was hoping for a better outcome. but i didn't despair.

the golden state warriors, poster team of the 2007 nba playoffs, were enjoying their best regular season in years. they were on pace to win 50 games, which would position them for another run into the post-season tourney. unfortunately, they played in the nba's ridiculously competitive western conference, and with their best players running out of gas at the end of the year, they fell short of the 50-win mark -- and the playoffs.

thankfully, the montreal canadiens were charging into the stanley cup playoffs as a #1 seed, with dynamic rookie carey price tending the goal. i'm really more of a wannabe hockey fan, but having lived in montreal, there's no way not to be a habs fan. they breezed through the first round of the playoffs, stole an ot victory in the first game of the second round -- and then everything unraveled. four straight losses later, it was over. in game five, they were actually up by two goals in the second period, and still gave it away. they just didn't play like a top seed.

on deck: the seattle mariners. and the early returns are already bleak. with about 1/5 of the season completed, they're already in third place. it's a long season, but if they continue on their current pace, they'll be 32 games out by the end of the year. yikes!

somewhere, the remaining presidential candidates are secretly hoping that i'm not rooting for them...

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