Thursday, May 29, 2008

family time

before i started my apparent second career as a blogging political pundit, i wrote about the life and times of our family... :-)

the big news around these parts continues to be the visit of family members (all from m's side).
  • m's mom came and stayed for each of the last two weekends, managing to survive visits with both sets of granddaughters simultaneously and even squeezing in a 'treat' afternoon at the movies ( indiana jones and the kingdom of the crystal skull, followed by dinner at local favorite chipotle). she is talking retirement after one last hurrah teaching summer school. i love her, but i'll believe the retirement business when i see it! she's also hoping to remodel her home.
  • m's sister (the storied aunt l, faithful blogger over at the pratzman crew) and her daughters will be staying with us until after b's graduation in mid-june. they've been getting in a little sightseeing (the children's museum in seattle today), but mostly just hanging out and getting some time with aunt m, uncle b, and big cousins b and n. hard to believe that l and s will grow up to be so big one day... in the meantime, we enjoy them in their miniature form! uncle p will be joining us on june 4 -- just in time for m, n, and l to fly out to l.a. for cousin t's eighth grade graduation.
we'll try to get some photos up soon.


Bevy said...

Sounds like you've been having a good time - but even I'm confuseled by all the initials ... ;)

gr8god said...

sorry about that -- hazards of the trade. we've been careful about putting lots of information on the internet, though i'm not sure how much difference it's making.

we are having a good time, even if it's a bit chaotic...

Bevy said...

I understand totally! :) Glad you are enjoying family and friends! :)