Sunday, March 04, 2007

travelog: italy

here is part of the e-mail i got from b, chronicling her trip:

on wednesday (feb 28), we arrived in milan and then drove for 2 hours to verona. we ate at our first auto grill (roadside restaurants that serve pasta and sandwiches and souvenirs). we arrived at our hotel in venice that evening and played spoons all night. it was lots of fun!

on thursday (mar 1), we went to venice, the 2nd most expensive city in the world. we rode on a gondola for 45 minutes, which was pretty cool. then, we played soccer in the piazza di san marco, near the basilica di san marco. i had delicious hot chocolate near the cafe where part of indiana jones and the last crusade was filmed. the weather was great! we visited a lace making school and a glass blowing place because venice is well known for its glass and lace products.

on friday (mar 2), we went to florence, which is known for leather and gold. prices are better here than in venice. i like eating paninis, which are really common here. i had some italian tarts, which are kind of addicting... we played soccer for 2 hours in the park next to the hotel. i scored 2 goals…. and i saw the david (michelangelo) today at lacademia and other things by michelangelo, rembrandt, and leonardo da vinci at luffizzi, the 2nd biggest art museum in the world (the louvre is the biggest). i climbed up the 460 plus steps of the duomo and saw the santa croce, where machiavelli, galileo, and michelangelo are buried. i also saw the david (copy) by donatello in the piazza di la signioria. we played soccer in that piazza, too, and the police got mad... so we stopped.

tomorrow, we will go to assisi and rome. we will stay in rome for 3 days and then come back home. over all, i am having an amazing time here!


Bora said...

I can't believe that b is already so grown up! What a great trip. Maybe she'll take me with her next time.

Anonymous said...

Wow! That sounds so totally wicked! I want to go to Italy, too... so jealous