Saturday, March 03, 2007

all alone

i thought about entitling this post alone 'again, naturally' but i didn't think too many people would get the pop culture reference (quick, check google…) and besides, that's a bit dark. and i could have gone with home alone, which is at least accurate. but all alone has been the plaintive cry of our children for some time, whenever they end up having to do something alone — ride home on the bus, have an evening 'in' when everyone else is out running around, etc. — when they didn't expect to.

but this time, i'm the one who's all alone. b is on the trip of her young lifetime, traveling with through italy; hopefully, we'll have some good photos from that one. i just got an e-mail, and it sounds like she's really having a great time. m and n are out in southern california, trying to find warm weather and the beach. meanwhile, i'm in montreal wading through snow that's knee deep (there's another pop culture reference) and trying to figure out how i'm going to get my car out from under that huge pile of white stuff. i could've posted some incredible photos, but both digital cameras in our family are out traveling. you may cue the violins now.

seriously, i'm enjoying some quiet time around the house, getting things back in order and praying a lot. and that's good for my soul. my neck hurts like crazy right now, and i'm not sure why; my ability to turn my head is severely limited. maybe i ought to pray more about that…

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