Sunday, March 25, 2007

emerging leaders: reflections

about two years ago, inter-varsity invited me to participate in a leadership development program they dubbed emerging leaders. they assembled a group of thirty staff from across the country, representing every major area of inter-varsity's ministry here in canada — camping, iscf (high school), vcf (university undergraduates), gsfm (graduate students and faculty), and ism (international students) — in the hope of growing a sense of partnership across the ministries and identifying and training future directors and senior leadership.

we went through four modules, over a period of eighteen months:
  • spiritual direction, emphasizing the priority of a vital, growing relationship with Jesus
  • vision and leadership, with an in-depth study of nehemiah
  • lifelong leadership development, a seminary course that helps a leader to see the seeds of destiny in his past, and to anticipate what might be coming next
  • working in teams, highlighting the inevitability and value of conflict and the importance of visionary team leadership.
all of the sessions were valuable, and a couple came at just the right time. i learned quite a lot, both about leadership and myself. in particular, i was reminded in the first module that there really isn't any point in any of this — no matter how gifted i am, no matter how hard i work — if i don't nurture a vibrant, growing relationship with Jesus. as i reflected on my life in the third unit, i realized something significant about the way that God has been working in the last dozen years or so — preparing me in a season of 'hiddenness' — and could sense His calling me to come forth into a position of more leadership responsibility. what that will mean is still being determined, but i'd appreciate your prayers for wisdom and discernment about the future.

during the final session (this past week), i found myself profoundly grateful to be a part of an organization that treats people well — as valuable resources to be developed and stewarded, rather than used up.

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