Tuesday, March 14, 2006

cmds national student leadership conference

what do you get when you convene medical and dental students from across canada for a weekend? thoughtful reflection, excellent discussions, and the most ferocious game of spoons you can imagine!

this past weekend, cmds brought more than thirty students together to think, share, and reflect together about what it means for them to be christians who are preparing for careers in dentistry and medicine. they received great input from doctors harding and patrick, leading to some spirited interactions. and they talked about what God is already doing on their campuses, and interceded together about what he might do next.

in between, they connected over good food, stayed up way too late, and started friendships that now span the continent. there were also rumors of a spontaneous time of worship in the wee hours of the morning, a game (?) which involved eating paper, and some people arriving and departing in a stretch limousine, but these are unconfirmed. we do, however, have video of a near-riot during the spoons game, which has been forwarded to cbc.

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