Sunday, February 26, 2006

a week of activities

historically, the times when students are off from school have been times of rest for us. but we're finding that in international student ministry, those can be the busiest times of all!

this past week was reading week at concordia and mcgill, but it was the busiest week of the year! we had a house guest for the first weekend; a friend whom we met at the international christmas camp dropped in from ottawa. he joined us for the international student lunch and bible study on saturday, then a trip to the high lights festival on sunday (complete with ice skating). tuesday was movie night (anne of green gables). thursday was a big sushi making party; see some great photos here. and the following saturday was the international student lunch, this time followed by a free-wheeling discussion on whatever questions people had about God and faith. interspersed, i also managed to preach 3 times. it was all a great deal of fun, but i'm a little tired. :-)

next weekend, b and n will head off to a youth conference, while m and i will take some (much needed) time away together. should be a great time!

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Anonymous said...

Sure looks cold there! Glad to see that you all are keeping busy. Hey, slow those mustangs down. : ) Also very glad to hear the m and b will be getting away together for a spell.

Lots of love flowing your way from Germany.