Wednesday, February 08, 2006

something old, something new

the new year has brought new activities! b is running track for the first time in her life — and enjoying it. in her first meet, she finished 1st in her 60m heat, 1st in the 200m, and 2nd in the 60m final. she even picked up a stray 6th in the long jump, an event she hasn't even trained in; if she'd gone another half a metre, she'd have won it! she'll be running in the city championships in just over a week.

n continues with the violin, but for the first time, she's participating in a youth orchestra. she's looking forward to performing at a concert in may (an event that will likely merit its own blog article and photos).

so some things change. and some things don't. both girls finished on the honor roll again, with n tied for 2nd in her class and b tied for 1st. yes, i know i'm bragging, but that's what proud fathers do. it's my job. :-)

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