Monday, June 20, 2011

best father's day gift ever

i love being a dad. it's been one of my greatest joys in a life filled with blessing. on father's day this year, m and n took me (b is in washington dc with IJM for the summer) for the traditional meal out -- this time, it was a delicious visit to aguacateros, a relatively new taqueria here in our area; i had the flautas. b called on the phone, and together, they gave me a certificate for the book of my choice. and then, during the 'grilling' -- a family tradition for all of our celebrations from birthdays to end-of-school-year parties in which we interview the person being honored, then pray for them -- the girls gifted me a document entitled "father's day 2011 -- 22 things we like about our dad."
that document is a treasure. there are a variety of items in the list -- some funny ("taught us the joys of the george foreman grill), others poignant ("dedicated us to God every night")  -- but the concluding item (#22) is my favorite: "our earthly father was not perfect, but through the way he loved us, comforted us, taught us, gave us perspective, and encouraged us to be the best we could be, he gave us a glimpse of the character of our Father in heaven." as a dad, that's the best compliment i could ever hope for.