Tuesday, September 04, 2007

family news

with the passing of labor day, summer is officially over and we are into the fall. the days are growing shorter -- seattle is at roughly the same latitude as montreal, yielding the same long days in the summer and long nights in the winter -- and the workdays are getting longer, with meetings in the morning with church staff and meetings in the evenings with church volunteers! it'll be nice when our church launches and we're able to have an office closer to our home.

in other news, n has started at kentridge high, and the jury is still out. her first day was a difficult one. her printed schedule was wrong, causing her to be late to the same class twice in one day (!), and her bus assignment was wrong. by the time she made her way through the long line to get it fixed, she had missed her bus and ended up walking 2 1/2 miles home. at least it was a beautiful day weather-wise. subsequent days have been better, though you can continue to pray for her. i don't know if she's really made any friends yet.

because bellevue community college starts in late september, b doesn't even have her schedule yet. in the meantime, she's been working an odd job with friend and real estate agent b, who has her prepping homes for sale by cleaning and staging them. pretty cool.

m has been helping vision and plan for the new church and handling most of the settling in at our house. she recently had some of the carpets cleaned, and she's been coordinating the delivery of the furniture she purchased. hopefully by today, most of the public areas will be furnished. we're still looking for replacement bedroom furniture for ourselves and a desk chair for n. we're also beginning to return a lot of borrowed items and to give away furniture and other things that just don't fit.

other stuff is on-going: resolving issues with the canadian revenue agency and our moving company, getting cars registered, getting licenses changed, figuring out how to get things in our home repaired, and more. but things are getting settled a step at a time. your prayers are appreciated.

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