Thursday, September 20, 2007

cross cultures

imagine: you're the new girl, a tenth grader at an unfamiliar high school. it's a difficult first couple of weeks -- a wrong bus assignment, a class schedule mistake, and predictably, no friends. you dread lunch; you're always eating around lots of people, but always alone.

the school is predominantly white, but you're not. in fact, people can't quite figure out what you are ethnically. i guess being chilack (half chinese, half black) isn't a category for a lot of people.

about three weeks into the school year, someone shoves you in the back. you turn around to find two black girls, one of whom says, "sorry i bumped into you -- it was an accident." her friend quickly interjects, "no, it wasn't." after hemming and hawing, the first girl admits that it wasn't an accident, then asks rather crossly, "why don't you ever talk to us?"

how do you react? why? if you're willing, post your response as a comment.

the real life reaction and resolution -- in the next blog entry.


sharonhi said...

Why haven't you talked to me? I'm the new girl.

Esther said...

"hmm. i had not had the oppurtunity to until right now! hey getting shoved in the back is a wierd way to get talking but i'm esther.. your names?" it could be their way of reaching out to me, rude as it may be. i'd give them the benefit of the doubt to start off.
praying for you all and miss you bucket loads
esther tan

Emerson said...

"Is that how you people initiate conversations?"