Monday, April 09, 2007

keeping up automagically

for those of you who would like to keep up with our blog, but find it a pain to check (or perhaps you simply forget), your troubles are over! rss and atom will allow you to do that automatically; just subscribe the rss/atom link — in our case, — in a rss feed reader, also known as an aggregator (i use the freebie netnewswire lite). at regular intervals, it collects whatever new posts it finds at the sites you specify — not just blogs, but news sites and a variety of web pages that are syndicated. that way, whether a site is updated multiple times daily or once a month, you know pretty much right away without having to waste time checking.

this works in some web browsers as well; for instance, in firefox, you'll find an rss symbol to the right of the web address — just click on it to subscribe. safari works in similar way.

alternatively, if you're on facebook, you'll find an option to subscribe to my notes there, all of which are imported from the blog.

to find out more about getting started with rss, click on the appropriate link for windows or mac. it may seem like a bit of trouble, but it's easier than it may sound and worth the effort.

technology serving friendship — as it should be!

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