Wednesday, June 21, 2006

a warm welcome

one of the family traditions that m instituted since our move to quebec is the warm welcome — a snack that she prepares as a way of rolling out the red carpet for the girls after a long day at school. this seemed especially crucial our first year here, when most school days were awful and the girls came home tired and discouraged. but even during this past school year, it was a tangible expression of a love that has them in mind all day, even when they're not here.

the school year finally ended today, with b's final exam, but tangible expressions of love have not. during the month-long party we call the world cup, we've been enjoying a special treat every day — most often, m's signature world cup nachos. but today, we also had a beautiful apple oven pancake as part of the end of the school year celebration!

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Anonymous said...

What a wonderful mommy. : ) Snacks don't look half bad either, YUM.

Love you all,