Sunday, June 25, 2006

my delight

friday was n's birthday. at 14, she's taller and more stylish than ever, a connoisseur of many kinds of foods (and beginning to show an adventurous streak there?), and a lover of jewels and other beautiful things. her taste in music has grown eclectic, adding a strong dose of r&b and even latin rock (¡viva carlos santana!) to her considerable attachment to classical. spiritually, she seems increasingly concerned about witness, often inviting others to join her in praying for friends. after all of these years and so many changes, she continues to live up to her name — 'my delight.'

after joining some friends at youth group on friday evening — a pool party at pastor m's — a smaller group returned to our place for the all-night birthday celebration. after pizza and cake and a couple of short openers (original little rascals episodes), the movie (shaolin soccer) started at about 1am. mom and dad dropped out at about 2:45, and the girls finally went to sleep at 5:30. i think everyone had a good time, but there were some tired faces when it was time to get up at 9:30.


Sally said...

Happy birthday, n!

Your birthday is one day after Dave's. He turned 23 on Thursday.


n said...

thanks Sally!

By the way dad, I wasn't THAT tired. I just slept for two and a half hours when we finished dropping people off :) ( ok, so I was a LITTLE tired) ;)