Thursday, May 11, 2006

there's no place like home

on sunday, about 20 of us gathered for inter-varsity's eastern canada staff days in new brunswick; it was my first look at the province — what a beautiful place! the terrain is textured, with rolling hills, forests, rivers, and picturesque lakes. the little housing complex we inhabited (loaned by generous donors) was right on the shore of skiff lake — a gorgeous morning sight from my bedroom window. it's always a great time away when you're studying the scriptures (in this case, a section of the gospel according to mark) with a group of sharp, highly motivated people who are already laying down their lives for the gospel. i could, however, do without the swarming insects — especially the biting black flies

yesterday, after a nine hour road trip, i finally arrived back home to the warm welcome of my family. m made a delicious dinner. b told me about her track meet (finishing first in her 100m and 200m heats) and shared with me the essay questions from her advanced placement english exam. n wanted to show me the test from her math contest, which we went over problem by problem. and to top it all off, they had a pecan pie waiting for me. it was a sweet homecoming, in every way!

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