Thursday, May 04, 2006

"i see smart people, but they don't know they're smart…"

well, actually, they do. but n and b are pretty nice about it. the third term report cards are in, and both of them finished with astonishing 94 averages. that wouldn't be that amazing, but it includes their french marks (a subject where the girls are at a bit of a disadvantage, having arrived in quebec less than 2 years ago). how good is a 94? well, it put b into a tie for first in her class for the second term in a row and slotted n in the third spot in her class, just two points out of first.

and school isn't all they've been up to. between soccer and track (b), drama and youth orchestra (n), tutoring and community service (b), violin lessons (n) and leadership in their youth group (both)… well, let's just say that they have very full lives. sometimes, they're up way too late for my taste, finishing projects and preparing for exams; i worry about whether maybe they work too hard. still, it's difficult not to be impressed by their drive and commitment.

the trick from here on out will be for them to learn to prioritize, to focus on the things that really matter. that'll mean saying 'no' to some good things, so that they can give themselves to the best things. and that's not an easy lesson for anyone.

so what's next? well, b is slated for an advanced placement exam (for university credit) in english literature today and for a track meet next week. she regularly weighs her options for life beyond high school — a scant 14 months away, though "who's counting?" as she likes to say. n is preparing for a youth orchestra performance in just over a week and has just joined a chamber music group. in her spare time, she is making her bid to become the tallest person in our family (not that that's a huge accomplishment, but someone has to do it!).


n said...

Thanks pop. I especially like the part about being the tallest. I'm trying anyway.

min~* said...

my turn to leave my pawprint here! it's brendaaaaaaa. and i miss you all tonnes. if you wanna see what i've been up to (and only limited to the kitchen) take a peek at :)

Chocolate_Miriam_Missing_You said...

Wow, I'm so proud of you girls, you are amazing, a 94 is really really good :) And what I find even better is that you're aware of the fact that life is not mostly about marks, but about a relationship to the Lord and I'm impressed how much you live and show that in and through your lifes and how you're not bigheaded but on the contrary so nice and always helping out others and showing them love even if they don't (in school...) and so on...! I appreciate that so much and I love you for all that you are - for your marks but mostly your unique personality! And I love the Lord for putting you on my way - it's so sad at the same time...
Missing you so much!
In Christ,