Monday, January 23, 2012

thankful #11 - good friends in the midst of snowmaggedon

these photos were taken during the big snow and ice storm that left us stranded in our home (the roads were too icy to drive the steep hills safely and our egress routes were blocked by trees that had fallen in the ice storm). that would have been trial enough, but it got WAY worse when the power went out for about four days.

this is my first attempt at a photo of the two of us. kind of hard to set this up in the dark.
that's better. note that the flash makes it look like most photos taken indoors at night; but in reality, the room was totally dark.
after the snow, we had freezing rain. it looks beautiful here, but tore down power lines, large branches, trees, roofs, and more.
it didn't take long for the house to get cold. and when i say cold, i mean below freezing inside. we discovered that our water heater was still working, so we used old nalgene bottles full of hot water to help us stay warm.
i liked the idea and light from the oil lamp. m was afraid i'd burn down the house with it. thankfully, it never came to that!
once the roads were cleared, we received a number of invitations to stay with kind friends who didn't want us to freeze to death. we actually did this on the final evening before the power came back on, and it was glorious to sleep in a warm bed. thank God for thoughtful friends and for his generous provision!
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