Monday, October 17, 2011

"better than i deserve" -- thankful #7 of 50

when asked, "how are you doing?" christian financial guru dave ramsey will often reply, "better than i deserve." that's true for all of us, to some extent. but as m and i approach our 24th wedding anniversary, i find myself thinking that it is especially true for me in our marriage.

most of you know that we have had a 'colorful' marital history. there's been an awful lot of good, starting with our amazing daughters and encompassing some very fruitful years ministering together. but it's fair to say that we've probably had more challenges than the average married couple. more than once, we've been pulled back from the edge by the prayers, wise counsel, and occasional intervention of committed, godly friends and by the generous, ever-present faithfulness of God. i can say with a whole heart that were it not for the Lord, we would not be celebrating -- or probably even be together.

it's cliche for a husband to refer to his wife as his 'better half,' but in this case, the appellation has the advantage of being true. m sets the pace for us in so many ways -- from her gregariousness and generosity, to her surprising knowledge of everything from animals to ballet, to her vital faith and determination to make God known. she has been one of God's greatest gifts -- to me and to many. i can't imagine what my life would be like without her.

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