Monday, March 24, 2008

on the upswing

there are some seasons when the family news all seems good. this is one of those seasons.
  • b returned from dc as a ron brown scholar. it's a great honor, an excellent networking opportunity for the future, and a handsome chunk of change to help with her considerable educational costs. her next assignment: coaching a youth soccer team.
  • n is dancing again, now at evergreen city ballet. it'll take a while for her to round back into shape, but she's happy. dancing is good for her soul.
  • i met some new folks at the bridge worship service this past sunday -- our first-ever on resurrection sunday -- and a number of them are not-yet-believers.
  • my mom and dad are coming up for their first visit with us in the pnw at the end of this week.
  • montreal international student ministry volunteers j and e are preparing for their wedding -- and m and i get to help.
  • we went shopping today and picked out some cute gifts for baby s' gotcha day. what a great occasion to celebrate!
we give thanks to you, o God, we give thanks!
for your wondrous works declare that your name is near.
(psalm 75:1)

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