Monday, July 16, 2007

a new home

the good news is that we are living in our new house. after three years in a tiny apartment in montreal, having our own place is a treat. m and i often sit at the dining room window, which features views of the valley that are beautiful any time of the day or night. and the extra space feels very luxurious!

of course, that feeling is accentuated by the fact that there is very little furniture here (just a few items the seller left). the shipment of our things from montreal has been delayed by 10 days, and given our experience with this moving company (described by b as 'sleazy'), i can imagine it taking a lot longer than that. for the time being, we're camping out on air mattresses, eating on paper plates, and starting to furnish the place with loaner items from generous friends at the lighthouse. the process of getting phone, internet, and garbage service has been frustratingly slow, but hopefully we'll have all of that nailed down this week.

there is still a bit of work to finish up with inter-varsity, but we've spent much of the last week getting acclimated to the new ministry environment. last week, i attended a leadership meeting (with the elders and the ministry area directors) on tuesday, had a breakfast meeting with pastor w on thursday, and introduced the family at the ministry community meeting on saturday. yesterday, we attended both worship services, then went up the hill to a delicious korean bbq at the home of d and k, who were hosting their small group for lunch.

i feel like there is a word about 'home' that will come out of this, but it's still percolating. for now, we're glad to be here, even if it's one of those already-but-not-yet kind of things.


marguerite said...

your view is beautiful! greetings to pastor w (he and pastor russ, who was troy's pastor at a chinese american church in sacramento at the time)officiated at our wedding ceremony 20+ years ago :).

pratzman said...

The view is wonderful and to hear that you all are getting situated is the better news. Phil too is going through the hurry up and wait syndrome with getting things set up in our new home in HI. Can't wait to see the view in person.

Aunt l

Bevy said...

Hey your view is FANTASTIC for this area. Not many people get that sort of view. WOW! We have the view of TREES.


Welcome! B