Thursday, August 31, 2006


for most of this month, a team of wonderful team of church volunteers has been picking up international students at the airport, being the welcoming face of montreal to dozens of concordia and mcgill students who are in canada for the first time. because the unpredictable time of processing at immigration, students often took an hour or two to emerge, yet they still found a smiling, hospitable volunteer waiting to ferry them to their dorm or other arranged housing. more than once, students were delivered to the designated address, only to discover that no one was home or there was no way to get into their apartment, and the volunteers would wait with them or take them home for dinner. they have gone further than the proverbial extra mile to demonstrate the love of God to the newcomer in our midst.

Jesus said that the greatest among us would be those who serve — and by that measure, this group of servants has been great indeed.

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