Monday, April 24, 2006

proclaiming good news

this weekend, m will be one of the featured speakers at a conference on purity. and for the first time in over two decades, our roles are reversed. she's been praying, studying, and preparing for what God would have her say; i've been interceding for her, and will hold down the fort at home.

this has actually been a long-held desire… of mine. m has been invited to preach before, but she's never accepted an invitation. i don't think she was afraid; she just didn't seem to have much interest in doing it, which always seemed a little strange to me — both because she has so many good things to say and because there are few things that i enjoy more. even when i was very ill a number of years ago (and there was some uncertainty about whether i'd live or die), i continued to preach as i was able. i figured if i was going to die soon, i wanted to make sure that every day counted!

so i'm excited that she's doing this. as with any good preacher, God has not only given her a message but proven it repeatedly in her life. i think she's already been learning a lot in the process of preparation (generally a time of heightened spiritual warfare). please join me in praying that the spirit of God will anoint her, both with his words and his heart, and that this time will be a turning point for many — setting the captives free, restoring hope, calling people to a deeper walk with Jesus.

for more information on the mwmn's conference on the journey in purity, click here.

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Sally said...

Am praying for you, M!